Crude Oil Pipeline Network in the Slovak Republic

TRANSPETROL, a.s. is the only operator of the oil pipeline system in the Slovak Republic. Strategic geographical position and a relatively high transport capacity of its pipelines in the territory of Slovakia create realistic conditions for linking it up European transit routes The Slovakia crude oil pipeline system consists of two oil pipelines.

In the territory of Slovakia the Druzhba oil pipeline was built in the 1960´s – 1970´s. Its route starts in the Russian Federation, continues through Belarus, the Ukraine and Slovakia to the Szech Republic. The transport capacity of its Slovak section is 20 million metric tons per year. In the 1990s the reconstruction and modernisation of the pipeline according to the latest available technologies were held and regular inspections by intelligent cleaning (hedgehogs) followed by preventive repair interventions. An optical cable was laid parallel with the pipeline, which serves for the purposes of monitoring the pipeline’s operation parameters, as well as for a remote control of the closing valves.

The second pipeline of the Slovak oil pipeline system is the original branch of the Druzhba oil pipeline leading from Šahy to Hungary, which was, at the beginning, used to supply oil to Hungary. In the territory of Hungary, this branch is linked to the Adria oil pipeline. The Adria oil pipeline was built for the purposes of possible diversification of crude oil and put into operation in 1980. It starts in the Croatian port of Omišalj, crosses Croatia and Hungary and after 606 km it enters the territory of Slovakia where its length is 8.5 km. In Šahy it connects to the Druzhba oil pipeline. Its maximum yearly capacity after a possible reconstruction on the section Šahy – Százhalombatta, amounts to 4.5 million tons. In the direction from Croatia to Slovakia has not been used for a longer time, but it serves to transport Russian crude oil heading to the south.

The DRUZHBA crude oil pipeline

The length of the pipeline:

The route Ukrainian border – Czech border about 444 km

The route Ukrainian border – Slovnaft about 440 km

The route Ukrainian border – Hungarian border about 280 km

The Slovak oil pipeline system with the total length of long distance pipelines in the territory of Slovakia of 1,032 km, which, almost in its whole route is made of two parallel tubes with the diameter of DN500 and DN700, consists of two oil pipelines. On the route PS4 Šahy – Százhalombatta (HU) there is the pipeline DN400.

On the route of the oil pipeline there are five pumping stations PS1 Budkovce, PS2 Moldava nad Bodvou, PS3 Rimavská Sobota, PS4 Šahy-Tupá, PS5 Bučany and one hand- over station in the premise of Slovnaft, a.s.

On the Slovak –Ukrainian border at the pumping station PS1 Budkovce, a MSR is located. It meters the amount of the crude oil pumped over from the Russian transportation company Transnefť in partnership with the Ukrainian transportation company Ukrtransnafta.

MSR for the crude oil supplied by the Czech Republic is located in PC 26 Klobouky u Brna (belonging to MERO ČR) and PS5 Bučany.

MSR for the crude oil supplied by Slovnaft, a.s. is located in the premise of Slovnaft, a.s.

Crude oil transported by the Adria oil pipeline is metered in MSR in Százhalombatta (Hungary) and a control metering is held in PS4 Šahy.

Crude Oil Pipeline Network in the Slovak Republic:

Crude Oil Pipeline Network in the Slovak Republic