Slovakia - Ecology and crude oilSlovakia has the right to protect the environment confirmed in the constitution and in the Strategy of state´s environmental policy till 2010. The specific of the country is a high number of national parks, protected areas and natural reserves, where the protection of biological diversity is strictly monitored. The manipulation with liquid hydrocarbons requires special attention.

The pipeline runs through the sensitive national park of Slovenský kras (the Slovak Karst), an area included in the UNESCO World Heritage List under the title “Man and biosphere“, as Silická planina, which belongs to monitored areas of the European meaning. It is necessary to pay special attention to other core sections of the oil pipeline as well. Transfer of one section of the route lead to a bypass of the pipeline of the underground reservoir of drinking water at Žitný ostrov. Movable Loess at the Vah River crossing also demands regular monitoring.

Slovakia - Ecology and crude oilIn order of the deepest understanding of the environmental situations at the TRANSPETROL´s plants, company´s management decided to introduce the Environmental Management System (EMS) with the international norm ISO 14001 in December 1999.
On the meeting of the Managing Directors (GR) in December 2000, it was passed in a Resolution to extend the planned certificate into the Quality Management System certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. Recertification audit with requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 standards of SKQS company, held in May 2009, confirmed the compliance of the integrated management system with all requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. The certificate of IQNet, valid to July, 2012, is the outcome of the recertification audit for the whole pipeline system including five pumping stations, one hand – over station and the line of the pipeline.

The perspectives of long – lasting usage of the Druzhba oil pipeline requires system high operational reliability. The program of preventive maintenance is performed by TRANSPETROL at the same time with the modernization of the oil pipeline system of SR. Moreover the reconstruction of the cathodic protection of the pipelines has continued, aimed at achieving the required parameters for the protection of pipes in changing conditions of their placing.

Slovakia - Ecology and crude oilAlmost the whole Slovak segment of the Druzhba pipeline is made up of a double line which enables to conduct reconstruction and modernization without interrupt operation.
By gradual finishing of individual processes technical parameters of TRANSPETROL´s
transportation and storage system became comparable world´s pipelines, that creates prerequisites for successful linking to West – European oil pipeline network.

TRANSPETROL is in favour of applying of progressive of information technologies, which support safe operation of the oil pipeline system and the prevention of the environmental protection in the territory, it is located. The crude oil pipeline information system (RIS) is developed as a spatial technical and environmental information system to support the control of the operation and maintenance of the oil pipeline system. In 2009, TRANSPETROL kept on spreading the RIS system by adding further geo – spatial data into the database of RIS and improving of the RIS system function.

Slovakia - Ecology and crude oilRIS enables its users to gain picture information with tabular data about selected objects of the oil pipeline system, to evaluate the situation and the state of interactions of the oil pipeline system and the surrounding territory of interest, therefore to regulate the operation related to the maintenance and repair plan.

Apart from RIS, TRANSPETROL uses the Management Information System (MIS), which informs “online“ about the parameters of environmental performance, detects approaching to limit states and enables modelling of economic situations and strategic financial aims.