Employees, care for employees

The dynamic growth and efficiency of the joint – stock company TRANSPETROL are conditioned primarily by the expertise and professionalism of its employees, which are important prerequisites for providing high – quality service, transportation and storation of crude oil and one of the means of maintaining competitiveness of the company within the European region.

By the complex care for employees and realisation of social policy the company creates conditions for their satisfaction, self – fulfillment and stability.


In 2012, TRANSPETROL, a.s. employed, on average, 396 employees, out of whom there were 63 women. The structure of employees of the company broken down to work categories:

  • 45.51 % administrative employees,
  • 33.17 % workers,
  • 21.32 % assisting and operating staff.

The company had to decrease the number of employees by 23% due to the need of work rationalization and the restructuring of the company.

Education structure of employees of the company as of 31 December 2012:

  • 29.25 % university education,
  • 53.643 % secondary education with school leaving examination,
  • 17.02 % secondary vocational education,
  • 0.30 % basic education.

The average age of the employees of the company as of 31 December 2012 was 43.84.


The company emphasises the expertise and professionalism of its employees. In the area of human resources development, the company continually strives to provide for, enhance and expand the professional qualification of its employees.

In 2012, TRANSPETROL, a.s. spent a total of EUR 95,408.44 on employee education. The education program was prepared on the basis of the company’s needs, as well as on the requirements for the specific work positions, in that year it predominantly focused on the area of professional preparation of all employees as well as on language preparation of executive management and selected experts.

The structure of costs incurred on education in 2012:

  • 88.73 % professional training,
  • 11.27 % language training.

Social care

TRANSPETROL, a.s. finds care for employees an inseparable part of its social policy. Based on Collective agreement contracted with The Base Organization ECHOZ TRANSPETROL, a.s., the company provides its employees numerous social benefitsin the form of allowances, especially for food, transport to work, complex preventive health examinations, dioptric glasses. In 2012, employees were provided with social fund payments in the total amount of € 184,680.

As a part of its social policy, the company continued in contributing to the supplementary retirements saving (DDS) of employees, whereby the employer’s contribution to that saving plan amounted to € 151,239. The possibility to benefit from the supplementary retirement saving was used by nearly 93 % of company employees.