Financial results and holdings

Results of TRANSPETROL a.s. in 2009

  • Crude oil transportation represented in total 10,790,567 tons in 2009
  • Income before taxation was 17,477,042 EUR

In 2009 TRANSPETROL, a.s. transported the second highest volume since 1999, that is 10.8 million tons. It was 1.26% higher than in the previous year. The volume of transported crude oil has been increasing over the last years and compared to 2000 it is 16% higher.

The overall increase was caused mainly because of the rise of the transportation requirements of Czech customers who play an important role in the usage of transportation capacity of Slovak crude oil pipeline system. The volume of transported crude oil to Czech refineries rose annually by 4.12% to 5,008,455 tons in 2009. The supplies for Česká rafinérska (The Czech Refinery) fills a decisive part of mentioned amount, in 2009 TRANSPETROL , a.s. supplied 4,354 thousand tons of crude oil.

The volume of crude oil supplies for Slovnaft, a.s., which is the sole customer for crude oil in Slovakia, reached 5,674 thousand tons in 2009. Although compared to 2008 it is just a slight decrease, the transportation of crude oil to Slovnaft makes approximately 53% of transported amount by the Druzbva crude oil pipeline.

TRANSPETROL reached in 2009 takings from crude oil transportation of 53,418 thousand EUR. Total income before taxation was 17,477,042 EUR.


Transpetrol a.s. holds holdings in the following companies:

  • BSP Bratislava – Schwechat – 74 %
  • SWS Vojany, s.r.o. – 48,9 %
  • Energotel, a.s. – 20 %