• Oil canister

    of the company

    Transpetrol is a quite young oil pipeline company. The historic roots of its foundation are bound with the Druzhba transit pipeline, its southern branch, which enters from the former Soviet Union area, through Belarus and the Ukraine into former ...

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  • A drop of oil

    and assistance

    The pipeline runs through the sensitive national park of Slovenský kras (the Slovak Karst), an area included in the UNESCO World Heritage List under the title “Man and biosphere“, as Silická planina, which belongs to the monitored core areas of the European meaning, is its part...

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  • Oil Tower

    oil industry

    Crude oil industry as a part of power sector of economy, is the object of intense interest from the side of the state as well as from the side of private capital. At present time, characterized by high energy requirements and their limited sources, ...

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