Management systems

TRANSPETROL is a joint – stock company providing of transit and inland transport of crude oil service for the customers by the oil pipeline system of the Slovak Republic, its storage in own stacks.

The strategic priority of TRANSPETROL, a.s. is providing quality service without disturbing of ecological stability of affected ecosystems and human health, thus consistently applied principle of the Company is to maintain the Slovak oil pipeline system at the level o the best available technology, with special accent on safe transport and storage of oil.

Our policy is based on the principles:

  • The quality of provided service is an important factor of the competitiveness of the company.
  • Our customer is the highest priority in all activities of the joint – stock company. Intensifying of the cooperation with customers enables gaining knowledge about the quality of provided services and their possible innovations.
  • Market analyses of the market requirements and improving the quality of the staff´s qualification structure lead to constant quality improvement of provided service to internal and external customers.
  • Keeping of relevant laws and other obligations in terms of quality, environmental protection and BOZP, which our company confirmed to follow.
  • The principle of constant improvement is applied in the quality of provided services, environmental protection and BOZP of our company.
  • Applying of preventive measures rather than correction processes focuses on achieving the goal to avoid, reduce and minimize potential negative effects while transportation and storage of crude oil.
  • The principle of implementation of modern Technologies related to transport and storage of liquid hydrocarbons enables us to improve constantly the total performance of our Company with minimal impact on the components of environment. Therefore, the solution of environmental questions is understood according to the principle what is environmentally is also economically friendly”.
  • We focus on safe operation of the equipment, security aimed at reducing the threat of accidents in Company´s departments, fire protection of all objects of the oil pipeline system and the objectives included in the health and safety at work, thus potential danger of the threat of accident and accidents with risks of the employees, population in affected sites, technical infrastructure and environment.
  • Long – term and short – term quality goals, environmental goals and Safety and Health at Work programme (BOZP) are anchored in the Management systems programme, which is annually actualised and documented.
  • Regular training constantly develops qualitative and environmental consciousness, Safety and Health programme (BOZP) awareness, fire protection, prevention serious accidents, employees of our Company.
  • Fulfilling the needs and expectations of our employees we create suitable working environment and creative atmosphere at our work place.
  • State authorities and public are informed about our activities related to the Company´s development and results. Top management of the Company supports by all available ways fulfilling of published policy and targets of management systems and creates necessary sources to realize them.

All employees of the joint – stock company are obliged to follow the above mentioned principles.