Mission and Code of Conduct

Transpetrol is one of the strategic companies of the Slovak economy. It belongs to the biggest and most important enterprises in Slovakia and through its business activities it significantly influences approaching the level of life standards of developed European states closer to the quality of life in our country.

Its eminent interest is considered to be in the sustained stabilization of own strategic position in the transportation and storage of crude oil for Slovak Economy and own effective operation on the European crude oil market.

Code of Conduct

  • TRANSPETROL, a.s. realizes its social status in the economy of the Slovak Republic and the behaviour based on ethics and social responsibility considers to be the company´s obligations to the whole society.
  • Code of Conduct expresses the obligation of all employees of TRANSPETROL, a.s. to act in enterprise in acceptance with all valid laws considering the highest standards of commercial ethics.
  • The aim of TRANSPETROL´s Code of Conduct is to regulate the behaviour of employees of the company in acceptance with ethical norms, so that high moral standard in the company´s culture is preserved.
  • Every employee of TRANSPETROL, a.s. represents the company. In public is supposed to behave not to do harm the Company´s interests and to protect renown of the company. Misusing of information, damaging or stealing the property of the company is considered to be a gross violation of working discipline.
  • TRANSPETROL a.s. is obliged to take care of the renown and interest of the company to protect its intellectual and tangible property, to fulfil the requirements and respect the interests of its customers focusing on creating of long-lasting and mutually successful commercial relationships. Honest and proper approach towards all customers of TRANSPETROL a.s. is to be obliged without any exceptions.
  • Keeping of technological and ecological norms valid in the Slovak Republic is trying to minimize the risk of ecological accident and harmful impacts on the environment.