Sponsorship and public relations

Via sponsor´s and charity activities Transpetrol, a.s. is trying to help especially to children in foster homes, the old and the disabled citizens. This is proved by long –term cooperation with the Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union (Únia nevidiacich a slabozrakých Slovenska) and the union´s central organisations all over Slovakia, projects with in Trnava The Organisation for help to people with mental disorder (Združenie na pomoc ľuďom s mentálnym postihnutím) in Trnava a the UNICEF organisation in Slovakia. Apart from the above mentioned our Company participates in the establishment of the Trust line (Linka dôvery) for the youth.

The second main area, where our Company develops its activities, is the support of medical facilities and the investment of finances into the most precious value of citizens – the health. We have helped to buy an appliance for the radiofrequency ablation of malign tumours to the Faculty hospital of L. Derer (Fakultná nemocnica s poliklinikou akad. L. Dérera). We have supported to provide equipment for the performance of arthroscopic operations in the Department of accident surgery at the Hospital of the Ministry of Defence of SR by a financial gift.

The effect of finances used in charities and sponsor activities is hard to measure. In this case the positive impact is expressed by the satisfaction of children, old people and the supported ones and just these measures will be important for Transpetrol, a.s. also in the future.