We make best effort to accomplish our goals

TRANSPETROL, a. s. is one of strategic enterprises operating in the Slovak economy, and in its role of the Slovak oil pipeline system operator it provides for crude oil transit, domestic transportation and storage. In his interview for the Energy in Europe, Mr JÁN HORKOVIČ, Chair of the Board of Directors and the company ́s CEO, talks about what helped their company to strengthen its strategic market position over a long time.

Chair of the Board of Directors and the company ́s CEO

Since 15th of June this year you hold the office of a new BoD Chair of TRANSPETROL, a. s. What targets in the framework of the future strategy will you pursue in your new positon? What will become your priority in the upcoming months?
TRANSPETROL, a. s. is a state joint-stock company committed to the task of safely transporting crude oil to selected customers, whilst observing the specified quality and environmental friendliness of the transport. Quite naturally, in the first days on taking up my post, I took it as my duty to get acquainted with essential processes, personnel and economic aspects of the company ́s operations, as well as to get grasp of the situation in in our subsidiaries, namely Bratislava-Schwechat Pipeline Gmbh (BSP) and Spoločnosť pre skladovanie, a. s., (SPS).
I have been doing business in the energy sector for many years, and later on I was involved in in electrical power engineering and regulation of network industries. I have the ambition of applying the gained experience to a wide spectrum of processes in TRANSPETROL, a. s., primarily with a view to streamlining all areas of the company ́s functioning. No doubt that in the future I shall gladly use the platform of International Association of Oil Transporters (IAOT), of which Slovakia is a founding member, to this end. By virtue ofits mission in the given segment, the Association offers a variety of regular meetings at different professional levels, both to its members and other interested parties/(stakeholders). I joined the company in a difficult period, shortly after the pandemic emergency caused by COVID-19 virus was over. That is why I approach all the requested repairs and investments with extraordinary caution, so as to meet the projected profits set for the year.

Which important projects in your opinion proved to be crucial in the past period and what are you especially proud about from your perspective of the BoD Chair? Which results do you find commendable?

No new projects could be possibly born in TRANSPETROL, a. s. in such a short period of time, but we can build on the past achievements and expect positive outcomes, once the following projects are finalised:

  • construction of large-capacity crude oil tanks: at the pumping station PS1 Budkovce with the volume of 50 000 m3 and the pumping station PS4 Tupá with the volume of 75 000 m3;
  • construction of a new crude oil metering station Adria at PS4 Tupá;
  • reconstruction of oil pipeline DN 400 Budkovce-Vojany;
  • reconstruction of water treatment plant at PS1 Budkovce;
  • construction of wastewater reservoir PS4 Tupá;
  • reconstruction of hydrant network at PS1 Budkovce;
  • reconstruction of fire water reserve at PS4 Tupá.

Generally speaking, it is an extraordinarily positive thing that we managed, in a relatively short period of time, to revaluate the winding down projects so as to achieve financial savings under the precondition of maintaining their efficiency, practicality and cost effectiveness.

What challenges will your company face in the future? Could you please reveal to us your short-term and longer-term goals?
Right now we are preoccupied with the revaluation of the relevance of BSP branch in Slovakia, which in our opinion is losing importance nowadays. Concurrently we plan to stop financing the branch until technical and social aspects of the issue of routing the crude oil pipeline in Austria are sorted out.

Despite that oil transport, and/or the utilisation of transport capacity of the Slovak crude oil pipeline system are substantially influenced by market demand and customer requirements, in the long run TRANSPETROL, a. s. aims to increase the amount of crude oil transported through the territory of the Slovak Republic.

The new company ́s management do all they can to attain the highest possible utilisation rate of the Slovak crude oil pipeline transport capacity, and they are already now proactively communicating with current consumers and in the future they will start looking for new prospective customers, as well as customers with a potential to use the crude oil storage facilities. At the same time, our company has widened the scope of its services for other measurements of qualitative parameters of delivered crude oil as demanded by the market, which will even more enhance the quality of the service facilitating the company ́s core business.

It goes without saying that TRANSPETROL, a. s. will carry on activities related to the crude oil pipeline upgrading so as to accommodate for the state-of-the-art technologies, as well as to the construction of storage tanks, the environment conservation and recreation, so that the crude oil pipeline network of the Slovak Republic, constituting the central transit corridor, continued to be noted for its high operational reliability and safety.